I love Alfalfa Sprouts and why you should too :)

Its only recently that I realized that you can sprout them yourself. I had always thought alfalfa sprouts were something you buy from the grocery store…all perfectly sprouted and packaged. I’ve been sprouting moong for years…in my sprout farm…Alfalfa is a bit tricky though.

Step 1:

Soak few tablespoons of Alfalfa over night. Available at Fab India (also online) and other organic stores.


Step 2:

Spread in sprout farm

Step 3:

Drizzle water over seeds daily. And if its generally damp around your house, then place the sprout farm out in the sun – we leave it on the balcony. It needs a bit of sun, or else gets attacked by fungus.

Step 4:

Sprouts are ready in 3-4 days! As soon as you take them out, soak for the next batch.


Add in sandwiches, salads, eat them plain, with Yoghurt! They are so versatile. This was my breakfast today – 2 egg whites fried with a slice of whole wheat toast and a generous helping of beautiful alfalfa sprouts. Not photographed are my glass of soymilk, cappuccino, shot of beet juice & steamed broccoli…so please don’t think I’m starving.


Here’s a typical mid morning snack – sprouted Moong beans with flax seeds and yogurt (sprout, omega 3, protein and probiotic goodness) and papaya (vitamin and skin goodness…and did you know…that the Mayans used to worship papaya trees and called it the “Tree of Life”)


I read that eating sprouts is different from eating vegetables, because they are still alive and growing! Each sprout contains the life force of a tree…now isn’t that beautiful? They help in strengthening your immune system, are rich in antioxidants and have tons of concentrated vitamins. Here’s a link with a list of health benefits.

I’ve dropped 100 gms since yesterday, am I over the plateau?? Hope to report more good news tomorrow. Weighed in at 59.2 kgs this morning. 58 here I commmme.

Have a great day and stay healthy!


Namu Kini

Apart from my fitness regime…this is what I do.





You can contact my nutritionist Shalini Alwani at: www.facebook.com/shalini.alwani


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